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Donald Trump, dragging the world along with him on his descent into madness

On Christmas day, Donald Trump tweeted that he would be going “back to work” the next day. He then proceeded to spend the next seven days golfing, sometimes doing so behind a large white truck that had been employed like a rolling barrier to prevent people from seeing what he was up to. Apparently, it […]

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How shitty are you as a leader when the jobs you’re bragging about creating aren’t even on the surface of the earth, but in coal mines?

Maybe it’s just that my people come from coal country, but I have visceral reaction every time I hear either Trump or Pence bragging, as they both did again this afternoon, about their successful efforts to put more poor Americans to work below the surface of the earth… I get why the message resonates with […]

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Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker on why his paper won’t be calling Trump’s lies “lies”

Continuing our conversation from before Christmas about how the press intends to cover the lies of President Trump, I wanted to share the following quote from this past weekend’s episode of the Meet the Press. This is how Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker responded to a question posed by Chuck Todd about how aggressively, […]

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Landline Creative Labs, now with the warm glow of electric light

We now have electricity at Landline Creative Labs. I was super excited about this development until it dawned on me that I now no longer have to stop pulling nails and scraping paint when the sun goes down. For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying the work, even if it does kind of feel like we’re […]

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I am no longer the most powerful Mark Maynard in the world, but I still own the URL

I don’t know this to be true, but I’ve heard, over the years, that the Maynard side of my family made their way to Kentucky from West Virginia. And, as there are currently a great many Maynards there, like Lee Maynard, the brilliant author of Crum, I suspect that there may be some truth to […]

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