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Saying they “delayed our action plan,” Rick Snyder lays the blame for the Flint water disaster at the feet of “career civil servants” who cared more about process than people

You have to give him credit for having chutzpah. It took him a few days, but our Governor, with he help of multiple consultants and a few top flight PR firms, is attempting not just to deflect blame for what happened in Flint, but actually turn the deadly public health crisis into an anti-government parable […]

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Justin Zatkoff: “his past is coming back faster than he can erase it”

A few days ago, I posted something about a former head of the Michigan College Republicans by the name of Justin Zetkoff, who, in an attempt to hide some embarrassing details about his past, threatened me, and a bunch of other folks, saying that we’d be sued pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), […]

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Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee, side by side on my piano keyboard

Today I learned, much to my dismay, that there are states that, not being able to opt out of the federal Martin Luther King holiday, have chosen to celebrate the birthday of slaveholding Confederate General Robert E. Lee at the same time. And before any of you write in to tell me that, in spite […]

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Hucakabee on 9/11… Commoditization as the final stage of grief

A few months ago, I told you about Mike Huckabee’s latest venture into online education. If you don’t recall, it’s basically a poorly animated American history video series being peddled to the patriotically frothing Tea Party set so that they can see their young loved ones educated without either the corrupting “filter” of professional educators, […]

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Who needs teachers when we have the Mike Huckabee’s time traveling adolescent truth squad?

Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee thinks that America’s teachers are putting kids, and the very future of our nation, at risk. Our young people, according to Huckabee, aren’t reaching their full potential, and it has everything to do what he calls “the ‘blame America first’ attitude prevalent in today’s teaching.” Apparently, our teachers are focusing too […]

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