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Saying they “delayed our action plan,” Rick Snyder lays the blame for the Flint water disaster at the feet of “career civil servants” who cared more about process than people

You have to give him credit for having chutzpah. It took him a few days, but our Governor, with he help of multiple consultants and a few top flight PR firms, is attempting not just to deflect blame for what happened in Flint, but actually turn the deadly public health crisis into an anti-government parable […]

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Republicans use most recent JPMorgan scandal to demonstrate folly of regulation, instead of criminal corporate behavior

There’s a great piece in the Washington Post today about Republicans in the Senate, and how they seem determined to focus their wrath not on the individuals at JPMorgan who were recently caught engaging in risky, irresponsible stock trades, but on those federal regulators who didn’t somehow foresee these actions and stop them from happening. […]

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