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Ripping up the Iran deal… And why Trump can’t answer the very simple question, “How does this make us safer?”

About a week and a half ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a news conference at the Ministry of Defence in Tel Aviv, where he stood in front of an enormous “Iran lied” graphic, and talked of the country’s covert nuclear arms program. What wasn’t clear to everyone watching, however, was that none of […]

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The Six Pack Portrait Project

Shortly after starting the Saturday night radio show, a local photographer by the name of Chris Stranad reached out to me, suggesting that we find a way to somehow collaborate. He said he’d been listening to The Saturday Six Pack from his studio across the street from the offices of AM 1700, and he wanted […]

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Linette is quotable too

[This was said to me about fifteen minutes ago.]

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Totally Quotable Clementine: heart transplant edition

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Totally quotable Clementine

Clementine said this to me yesterday, as I was giving her a bath. She had the timing just right between “I’m going to eat you,” and “with my butt.” It was hilarious, and she knew it too. She laughed her ravenous ass off… Not wanting to use a photo of my daughter going after my […]

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