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“What I have to Offer”… by Charlie Kaufman

I was on the brink of posting something just now that I wasn’t all that happy with. I felt as though I had to post something, and it, I thought, was good enough. I knew, though, as my finger was floating above the button that would have excreted it onto the internet, that it wasn’t […]

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Totally Quotable Clementine: sisterly advice edition

Clementine said this to her one year old brother yesterday, as he was struggling to get away from me mid-diaper change. And, yes, that’s the secret to success in life… You have to know how to lay still, on a couch. If you can do that, good things will come to you. [Previous editions of […]

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Advice for new parents… and Arlo

The kids at Clementine’s school asked Linette and me to come in a little while ago. They wanted to throw us a baby shower. It was super sweet. The big surprise, which Clementine had managed to keep from us up until that point, was that all the kids had collaborated on a book full of […]

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Blogbaby episode one: Gene Kim

[Quite a bit has changed since Linette and I had Clementine seven and a half years ago. For one, people no longer just drop by with food. Now, friends and neighbors band together and coordinate their activities through sites like Mealbaby, so that you aren’t confronted with the nightmare of three lasagnas showing up on […]

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Fried chicken season ends in a week…

We don’t have to talk about friend chicken here, though. We can talk about whatever’s on your mind. Seriously. You can just blurt stuff out, here. It’s your chance to get stuff off your chest. So, if you’ve got a complaint about a spouse, if you’ve got a recipe you’d like to share, or if […]

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