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Talking erections at the doctor’s office

I went to the doctor a week or so ago for a long overdue physical. After exchanging a few pleasantries, the doctor, who was probably about ten years younger than me, laid me out on his table and poked around at me for a while, awkwardly asking the kinds of questions that you ask a […]

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Ypsilanti exit interview: Vinnie Massimino

As three of the last four posts on this site have been about the upcoming Ypsilanti Democratic primary, I though that it was time for something a little different. Here, with that in mind, is an exit interview with local video artist Vinnie Massimino. If he looks familiar, it might be because, until about a […]

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VOSKY to “blow minds” at the Shadow Art Fair

Among the folks that we selected to participate in this summer’s Shadow Art Fair, are two men (Vinnie Massimino and Matt Posky) who create comedy, performance and art pieces under the name VOSKY. The reason that I single them out from all the other terrific participants we have lined up for next Saturday is because […]

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