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The Saturday Six Pack is dubbed Ypsilanti’s “wild weekly block party” by Concentrate Media

While we were all sleeping, the little elves at Concentrate Media posted a very nice feature about The Saturday Six Pack. Here, to give you a flavor of the piece, is how it begins. You could call “The Saturday Six Pack With Mark Maynard” a political affairs forum, a performing arts showcase, or a free-form […]

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Ypsilanti exit interview: Vinnie Massimino

As three of the last four posts on this site have been about the upcoming Ypsilanti Democratic primary, I though that it was time for something a little different. Here, with that in mind, is an exit interview with local video artist Vinnie Massimino. If he looks familiar, it might be because, until about a […]

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What I might be doing at this summer’s Shadow Art Fair

One of the good things about being among the handful of people behind the Shadow Art Fair is that I don’t have to apply. In exchange for the work that I do, I get a table automatically, and I have right up until the morning of the event to decide what it is that I […]

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Stanford student radio interviews the Monkey Power Trio

A few nights ago, four out of five members of the band, The Monkey Power Trio, were interviewed by a fellow named Diego Aguilar on Stanford University’s student radio station, KZSU. The interview is, by all accounts, unremarkable. I have heard, however, that some young people on the Stanford campus have turned it into a […]

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Manhole member Stevo “Doc” Doccerson demands to be interviewed, have mangy, glistening pelt of chest hair acknowledged

Remember that band, Manhole, that got run out of Ypsi after they illegally appropriated my face for an ill-fated line of leisurewear? Well, all the guys came back to town this last weekend, in hopes of acquiring stacks of free pancakes and selling poorly photocopied trading cards of themselves at Totally Awesome Fest 8. I […]

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