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107-degrees, with no pool, and looking for someone to blame

Maybe it’s not the responsible thing to do, but I’m hot and I’m looking for someone to blame for the fact that our community pool is dry this summer, as we’re living trough the most brutally hot season in memory… Like I said, I realize that it’s not terribly responsible to want to assign blame. […]

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Mourning in America

In advance of the upcoming elections, the Republicans are pulling out all the stops and running to the right as fast as the can in order to ingratiate themselves to the newly-political, clearly-delusional members of the American Tea Party movement. Here, to give you a flavor of what’s headed our way, is a new ad […]

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It’s like a jelly donut full of crab meat, only without the crab meat

[This conversation with the spine surgeon took place a few weeks ago, as we looked at images from my MRI. Basically she told me that I’d never get my old disk back, but that, by watching what I did, and building up my core strength, I could avoid future flair ups. I forget the exact […]

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