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107-degrees, with no pool, and looking for someone to blame

Maybe it’s not the responsible thing to do, but I’m hot and I’m looking for someone to blame for the fact that our community pool is dry this summer, as we’re living trough the most brutally hot season in memory… Like I said, I realize that it’s not terribly responsible to want to assign blame. […]

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The President can’t affect gas prices, but can gas prices affect the Presidential election?

With the laughable slate of moronic theocrats, disgraced demagogues, corporate villains, and states-rights racists that the Republican party has put forward to run against Obama, I’d say that, barring some epic scandal, Obama is guaranteed a second term… that is, if the price of gas doesn’t exceed $4.50 a gallon. I’ve read Nate Silver’s analysis, […]

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