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Ypsilanti needs your help… within just $50,000, we could once again have a community pool

As luck would have it, last summer, which was the hottest in Michigan’s recorded history, the people of Ypsilanti found themselves without an operational public pool. This year, though, we might actually be able to do something about it. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Friends of the Rutherford Pool, and a great many […]

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107-degrees, with no pool, and looking for someone to blame

Maybe it’s not the responsible thing to do, but I’m hot and I’m looking for someone to blame for the fact that our community pool is dry this summer, as we’re living trough the most brutally hot season in memory… Like I said, I realize that it’s not terribly responsible to want to assign blame. […]

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You’re soaking in it

So I get this text message yesterday from a friend, telling me that he and his daughter are going to the pool at 1:00. We’re out running errands, but it’s hot as hell outside, so we decide to join them. By the time we pick up our swimsuits and make it to the pool, it’s […]

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