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My search for the Ypsi Tooth leads me to an interesting Haab’s artifact

My never-ending search for our region’s most enigmatic super villain, the Ypsi Tooth, led me a few nights ago to a long-closed-up building in downtown Ypsilanti. [You can enter said building by way of a manhole downtown.] While I don’t want to get into specifics concerning what clues I may have found, I did want […]

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Wagering beers with Ypsi’s new superintendent, fighting with my daughter, and talking about Blackbeard with a young radical …on episode 22 of The Saturday Six Pack

We tried something new this past episode of the Saturday Six Pack. We cranked the heat in the studio to 120-degrees, nailed the door shut, and watched as our guests slowly melted into their chairs… If you listen closely, you can hear it happening. What starts with tiny droplets of sweat falling gently onto our […]

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A heads-up for the Tooth Fairy

Clementine is about to lose her first tooth. Her friends started losing theirs years ago, but, for whatever reason, hers just weren’t ready to start dropping out of her face until now, at the age of seven-and-a-half. She’s got a mouth full of wiggly ones, but there’s one in particular that’s really getting ready to […]

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Community Show & Tell on May 7 at Dreamland Tonight

Just a reminder for anyone planning to join us at the Dreamland Theater this Friday for the next episode of Dreamland Tonight… We’re going to be trying out a new segment called Community Show & Tell, and we’d love to have folks in the audience bring interesting things with them that they can talk about. […]

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