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Bing’s RoboCop downfall

A few days ago, I mentioned that Detroit’s mayor, Dave Bing, had come out against the idea of erecting a Robocop statue downtown. We’ve already discussed his tweets on the subject, but now there’s apparently video. The following footage comes from Detroit’s Michael Jackman. To contribute toward the RoboCop statue, click here.

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Google interprets Mark

My friend Eric, the guy who put me in the Hitler downfall meme a week or so ago, has struck again. This time he’s taken an innocent little video that I posted of myself to Youtube, and run it through Google’s new translation tool. The results, as you can see, are interesting. And, no, that’s […]

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I’ve finally earned a place in the Hitler Downfall meme

I was alerted to the existence of this footage earlier tonight, upon arriving home from work. Linette took me into her office and showed it to me, but was reluctant to tell me who the responsible party was. She eventually gave up our mutual friend Eric Lagergren, though… Thank you, Eric, for making history come […]

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