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Is the death of Amy Winehouse really newsworthy?

While I feel terrible that Amy Winehouse has passed, and sickened by the fact that her death is destined to become a punchline on talk radio, the really terrible thing, I think, is that it’s going to dominate news around the world for the coming days, bumping the mass murder in Norway, and the current […]

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Fox News spreads more lies, but that’s OK with America

Fox News sent one of their “journalists,” a guy by the name of Mike Tobin, to cover the protests in Madison, Wisconsin a few days ago. The crowd, as you can imagine, wasn’t enthusiastic about having Fox cameras on the scene, as the network had been taking the side of Governor Scott Walker, who went […]

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Deceptive editing at FOX News

A few days ago, I posted a link to a Daily Show segment in which FOX News was clearly shown to have deceptively edited footage of Barack Obama in order to give the false impression that he intended to raise taxes on all Americans. As the segment was about ten minutes in length, I didn’t […]

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Michael Moore on why he’s reluctantly supporting the health care bill

I know how some of you feel about Michael Moore, but I really like what he had to say this evening on CNN about the health care bill, and why we progressives needed to get behind it, like Dennis Kucinich. I watched it at the gym, sweating profusely, and waiting for some fireworks between Moore […]

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Fox Watch Watchers

CNN’s Rick Sanchez, yesterday, called out FOX News on their demonstrated inability to distinguish between covering the news and manufacturing it: For those of you who want to scratch the scab of journalistic integrity off completely, and stare right into the pulsating mass of goo that is modern reporting, there’s also a good piece in […]

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