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Ypsilanti City Council candidates respond to questions about the Water Street millage, race and policing, and what they’d like to see in a new City Manager at tonight’s League of Women Voters debate

In Ypsilanti, because we generally vote Democrat, our City Council races are pretty much decided during the primary. And, in hopes of ensuring that voters are educated before placing their primary votes on August 2, The League of Women Voters hosted a forum this evening, during which the four individuals running for Ypsi City Council […]

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Is Ypsi City Council pushing for a change in leadership at City Hall?

Word on the street is that big changes may be coming at Ypsilanti City Hall. As I understand it, there’s going to be a closed session of City Council tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM, where options will be discussed concerning the future of at least one high-ranking City employee. It would seems that, now that […]

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Enjoying a beautiful day in Ypsilanti… and raising a few questions

I took Clementine and Arlo out today, on a walk around Ypsi. It felt good. We dropped books off an the library, bought candy at the Rocket, did some science experiments at the park, raced rafts made out of bark and twigs down the river, broke up the last bits of ice that we could […]

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Ypsilanti City government takes a stand on my penis

A few days ago, at lunch, I received a strange call. Ypsi’s new City Manager had somehow gotten his hands on my cell phone number. He was calling to apologize. I can’t remember his exact words, but he said something like, “Uhhhh… The City just launched a new website, and, somehow, it was hacked. You […]

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Ypsilanti City Council stares into the budget abyss

As you all know, the city of Ypsilanti has been in a perpetual budget crisis for the past half dozen years, with insolvency looming in the not so distant future the whole time. In spite of this fact, however, we’ve somehow managed to keep on going. Well, it’s looking as though the end may now […]

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