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Fink, Pierce and Eller… what’s the connection?

In response to yesterday’s post about Mike Eller’s disturbing far right wing beliefs, someone raised an interesting question. Why is it, this person asked, that “Mike Eller: Democrat for City Council” yard signs are almost always accompanied by signs for Steve Pierce and Jim Fink? My sense is that it’s because all of them are […]

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It looks like my site is being blocked by Wireless Ypsi… I wonder why…

I’m trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I just got word from a friend that, as of this evening, our local free wireless network, Wireless Ypsi, is blocking this site. My hope is that it’s an oversight on the part of Steve Pierce and Brian Robb, the men who run the […]

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Enjoying a beautiful day in Ypsilanti… and raising a few questions

I took Clementine and Arlo out today, on a walk around Ypsi. It felt good. We dropped books off an the library, bought candy at the Rocket, did some science experiments at the park, raced rafts made out of bark and twigs down the river, broke up the last bits of ice that we could […]

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Ypsi Solar City Hall update

I just received the following update from Ypsi Solar’s Dave Strenski and thought that I’d pass it along: Ypsilanti’s City Hall solar graphs are now online. You can find the graphs here. Many thanks to EMU student Nik Estep for doing a wonderful job on the SolarYpsi.org website… As expected, the solar panels are only […]

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Cheating the tax man, or maybe not

Yesterday, local blogger Steve Pierce, on his YpsiNews.com site, broke the news that Ypsilanti real estate developer and landlord Stewart Beal owed the City $86,068.80 in back taxes. He later revised the number to be $84,136.96. The error, he said, was “made by the reporter,” by which I assume he means himself… Here’s a clip […]

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