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Ypsilanti City Council stares into the budget abyss

As you all know, the city of Ypsilanti has been in a perpetual budget crisis for the past half dozen years, with insolvency looming in the not so distant future the whole time. In spite of this fact, however, we’ve somehow managed to keep on going. Well, it’s looking as though the end may now […]

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Yet another post entitled, “What’s up with the Thompson Block?”

Since people are discussing this in the comments section following an old thread, I thought that I’d move the subject up here, to the front page… Today is April 26th, which means, according to the interpretations of some, that Stewart Beal has missed the deadline that he’d negotiated with City Council, by which time he […]

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What Ypsi’s leaders will be doing to respond to Snyder’s proposed budget

Last night, I posted something here about Rick Snyder’s proposed budget, and my hope that our City’s leaders were actively working on an aggressive response, perhaps through an organization such as SEMCOG or the Michigan Municipal League. As with our earlier posts on the subject of the budget, it’s led to some good discussion. One […]

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City and Township to discuss consolidation of law enforcement services

AnnArbor.com has a story up on their site tonight about ongoing talks between the City of Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township on the possibility of working together to provide law enforcement services. Here’s a clip: …“This is very preliminary, we just wanted to discuss some basic issues and possible impediments that are there. Then we’ll know […]

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The Ypsilanti budget cut showdown is just minutes away… What will it mean for our Fire Department?

Later this evening, in a special session of City Council, our elected leaders will be debating what to do about the proposed budget cuts that we discussed here on New Years Day. No doubt the cutting of police and fire fighters will be the most contentious. (80% of the City Manager’s proposed cuts are to […]

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