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Bringing the Ypsilanti community through the fine art of sweding

Inspired by Michael Gondry’s film Be Kind Rewind, I mentioned to a few friends and neighbors recently that I’d like to explore the possibility of rallying our community to the task of sweding a film. (To “swede” a film, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, means to recreate a famous movie […]

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“Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine”… Happy Easter from Patti Smith

Patti Smith recently announced that she has a new record coming out, which will include a track with Television’s Tom Verlaine. I don’t know that I’d mention it otherwise, as I haven’t heard it yet, but, since its release happens to almost coincide with Easter, and as it gives me a reason to quote one […]

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The Tea Party candidate for Governor of New York, takes pleasure in sex with livestock, racist humor

I just couldn’t not share this story from Talking Points Memo about Carl Paladino, the Tea Party candidate for Governor of New York… Here’s a clip: An online news outlet in New York state has obtained dozens of emails, many of them racist and sexually graphic, which it reports were sent by Carl Paladino, the […]

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