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The time to revolt draws near, my friends….

On Friday, it was announced that the U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to support a $649 billion defense spending bill. According to the Associated Press, this represents a $17 billion increase over last year’s appropriation. This, as the AP article points out, is particularly noteworthy, given that drastic government cuts are being demanded elsewhere. […]

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Investing in America, and other ideas to put the country back on the right track

I’m a sucker for a new Robert Reich video. I can’t help but post them. Tonight’s comes by way of a letter that I just received from Van Jones, announcing the launch of his Contract for the American Dream initiative. (This, as you’ll recall from our last discussion on Van Jones, is part of the […]

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Automatic termination of Ypsilanti board and commission members

Apparently there’s a movement afoot on Ypsi City Council to change the way volunteers serving on boards and commissions are rotated off at the ends of their terms. It seems like a relatively small thing to me, but, as my in-box is full of notes from people who want to talk about it, I figure […]

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The Feds help Michigan borrow $2 billion more to build more highways

Saying, “This is so excellent,” and hollering “Whoooo!“, our Governor enthusiastically accepted the $2 billion in federal aid that comes along with being the most economically fucked state in the union. Governor Granholm publicly accepted the news from Vice President Joe Biden in Kalamazoo this afternoon, where they were gathered to celebrate – according to […]

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