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Elizabeth Warren’s response to Facebook’s refusal to stop running false political ads

A few days ago, as you may have heard, Facebook made the decision to run an ad produced by the Trump campaign which had been proven to be false. While other media companies, like CNN, made the decision not to run the ad, which falsely suggested that Joe Biden, while Vice President of the United […]

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Placing himself above the law, Donald Trump says his administration will not cooperate with Congress

In a letter to House leadership, White House counsel Pat Cipollone today made it clear that the Trump administration has no intention of complying with Congressional requests related to the recently launched impeachment probe of Donald Trump. Cipollone, in his letter, referred to the probe as “illegitimate” and said that the actions taken by House […]

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Does EMU have a clear and consistently enforced policy on the carrying of firearms on campus?

In 2017, the state of Georgia passed a law allowing guns to be carried on campus. To date, I don’t believe there have been any instances of gun-carrying students thwarting terrorist attacks. Today, a University of Georgia student did inadvertently shoot himself through the leg while studying Chemistry, though. Coincidentally, at roughly the same time […]

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With his “We Shit on Allies” doctrine solidly in place, Donald Trump hands over the Kurds for slaughter

Back in December, 2018, without consulting any of his national security advisors, Donald Trump announced that we’d be pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria. The response, as you might remember, was both swift and overwhelmingly negative. Lindsey Graham said at the time, “An American withdrawal at this time would be a big win for […]

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The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You

David Leonhardt, who won the a Pulitzer Prize run 2011 for his columns on the financial crisis, has a new piece in today’s New York Times titled, “The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You.” If, like me, you’re concerned about issues like wealth inequality and our inability as a nation to appropriately fund […]

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