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NBC Nightly News sends crews to visit Michigan cities in hopes of terrifying nation into paralysis

It would be great if, one day, a national news crew came to Michigan for something other than a “canary in the coal mine” story… I suppose we should be thankful that people around the country are finally taking notice of the plight of Michigan’s cities, which, one-by-one, are being sold for scrap by non-elected […]

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Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes

It’s not very often that I wish I had a television, but, judging from this opening monologue, I really wish I’d been able to see the whole show. He just eviscerated people… As I don’t suspect he’ll ever be asked to host another award show, this might be your last chance to see him in […]

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Doubling down and packing on the weight

A few people, in the wake of last night’s post on Jamie Oliver and the so-called “food revolution” that he’s bringing to our shores, have demanded that, in the spirit of fairness, I put something up on the site about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s recent announcement that they’ll be going live with the Double Down – […]

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Is compromise on the location of the Ypsilanti train platform possible?

A few days ago, I posted something here on the site about the local debate over where to construct the Ypsilanti train platform. And, I did a poor job of relaying my main point, which was that we can’t afford to let petty squabbling derail this project. I know it’s unlikely, as it’s already been […]

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