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How Dick DeVos made Michigan a right-to-work state

If you haven’t read it yet, Andy Kroll has a great piece on the DeVos family in the most recent issue of Mother Jones. Of particular interest to me was the section detailing how Dick DeVos pretty much single-handedly orchestrated the passage of so-called “right-to-work” legislation last year. Here’s a clip. …For Dick DeVos, the […]

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Ann Arbor to millennials… “We hear you like trains and tall buildings. How many of each do we need before you’ll look beyond our sexism and homophobia and move here?”

I was hoping that this kind of thing had died with the career of Richard Florida… I understand that it’s well intentioned, and I don’t disagree that Michigan needs to find a way to keep bright, innovative young people in the state. With that said, though, this reeks of desperation. And it brings back painful […]

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Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, without the support of the UAW, faces attacks from within… What’s next?

According to a report on MLive, Michigan Republicans are demanding that the investigation into Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer’s involvement in a 2010 plot to split the conservative vote in Metro Detroit by running fake Tea Party candidates against establishment Republicans, be reopened. Here’s a clip: …Bobby Schostak, chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, […]

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Because I haven’t the energy to write anything tonight that’s even remotely interesting… I give you a 19 year old Jennifer Granholm on the Dating Game

I was searching for footage of Debbie Stabenow on the first season of Temptation Island, but this is as close as I could come.

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Carpools leaving in the morning for “Occupy the PGA” event in Benton Harbor

A little over a year ago, we discussed the fact that, under the rule of unelected Emergency Manager, Joseph Harris, public properties in Benton Harbor were being sold for pennies on the dollar to wealthy investors, over the objections of the struggling city’s largely African American population. [As our friend Richard Murphy reminds us, in […]

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