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Would you pay $5 to berate a public school teacher at Saturday’s “Patriots in the Park” event with Sarah Palin?

According to reports emanating from the swirling gyre of paranoia and retardation that is the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus, it looks as though everyone’s favorite demagoguing mama grizzly, Sarah Palin, will be with us this weekend, promoting the overthrow of our democratically elected officials and extolling the virtues of corporate fascism. According to organizers […]

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Waiting for Bachmann’s insane response to the State of the Union

While we’re all online, waiting for Michele Bachmann’s bat-shit insane response to our President’s brilliant state-of-the-union address, here’s a little something to whet your appetite for crazy. This is self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs of Generals International explaining how the recent mass bird deaths we’ve seen around the world are the result of Don’t Ask Don’t […]

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How’s Rick Snyder going to navigate the frothing sea of mental illness that is the Tea Party?

I didn’t mention it when it happened, but, a little over a week ago, the Tea Partiers here in Michigan waged a bit of a coup against the Republican party. Following is a clip from Blogging for Michigan: The inmates are taking over the asylum. In a big and incredibly underreported story that some of […]

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