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Michigan’s Pete Hoekstra, now Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands, is once again in the news for being a racist

Remember Pete Hoekstra, the Michigan Congressman who made national news by running a racist attack ad against Debbie Stabenow during the Super Bowl? [Stabenow went on to kick his ass in their 2012 race for Senate.] Well, guess what? He’s back in the news. And, once again, it’s for being a lying, racist asshole. Remember […]

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Matt and Rene Greff, after supporting Snyder for Governor, now work to unseat him

Democratic stalwarts Matt and Rene Greff, the owners of Ypsilanti’s Corner Brewery and Ann Arbor’s Arbor Brewing Company, angered a number of their progressive brethren in 2010 when they publicly came out in support of their friend, Rick Snyder, who was then running in the Republican primary for Governor. The Greffs shared their reasons for […]

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Rene Greff on her support of Rick Snyder for Governor

Over the past several months, I’ve been approached by a number of people, and asked about the political leanings of Matt and Rene Greff, the owners of Ypsilanti’s Corner Brewery. They, as you may know, were very vocal in their support of Rick Snyder for Governor, and, now that Rick is in office, and people […]

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How’s Rick Snyder going to navigate the frothing sea of mental illness that is the Tea Party?

I didn’t mention it when it happened, but, a little over a week ago, the Tea Partiers here in Michigan waged a bit of a coup against the Republican party. Following is a clip from Blogging for Michigan: The inmates are taking over the asylum. In a big and incredibly underreported story that some of […]

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Will the Republican party survive the Tea Party?

Mother Jones, if you haven’t seen it yet, has a great piece on Congressman Bob Inglis. Inglis, a Republican from South Carolina, recently lost his reelection bid – something which he credits in large part to the Tea Partification of the GOP. Here’s a clip: …It was the middle of a tough primary contest, and […]

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