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WCBN goes and One Louder with Skink

Greg Pratt, who I interviewed a week or so ago about his work with local homeless folks, is also a DJ on WCBN, and it was in that capacity that he sent me the following video a few days ago. That’s my old band, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink, from back around 1991, when Ann Arbor still […]

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Spending the evening with Patrick Elkins on WCBN

If you’re near a radio, computer or phone, Patrick Elkins and I are about to go live on the world’s best radio station to talk about Legfest… Join us at WCBN. update: While I didn’t get any audio of our interview, which I think went really well, I did get a few short videos from […]

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Shadow Art Fair defenders and detractors mix it up one last time

Like every year at this time, the Shadow Art Fair media juggernaut has begun in earnest. As of today, there are articles in The Ypsi Courier and The Current, as well as on AnnArbor.com. And, this afternoon, WEMU aired an interview that I’d done with local “All Things Considered” host Bob Eccles. (I think it […]

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Dischord’s Ian MacKaye on touring as a family, building community, making the world a better place, and what he’s got in mind for Ypsilanti this Friday evening

I had the occasion this evening to speak with Ian MacKaye, the former frontman of Minor Threat and Fugazi, who will be visiting Ypsilanti this Friday evening to play an all-ages show at the Dreamland Theater alongside Amy Farina, in their heavy yet minimalist two-piece band

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On having one’s unicorn-killing intellectual property stolen by Samsung, and celebrating the release of yet another Monkey Power Trio record

I received a cryptic message a few days ago from an anonymous source, telling me that I had to immediately retain an attorney and protect my intellectual property from the evil Korean CEO of Samsung. I wrote it off as the ranting of a delusional reader, as it’s not uncommon for me to receive paranoid […]

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