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WCBN goes and One Louder with Skink

Greg Pratt, who I interviewed a week or so ago about his work with local homeless folks, is also a DJ on WCBN, and it was in that capacity that he sent me the following video a few days ago. That’s my old band, Prehensile Monkey-tailed Skink, from back around 1991, when Ann Arbor still […]

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Christopher Guest’s Death Wish

This evening, while researching something completely unrelated, I discovered an interesting little fact about filmmaker Christopher Guest that I wanted to share. A decade before starring in This Is Spinal Tap, and setting in motion a chain of events that would make him the mockumentary auteur he is today, he starred opposite Charles Bronson in […]

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Let’s buy Fred Willard a VCR

One of my favorite actors was arrested last night, for masturbating in an adult theater. Fred Willard, who has done brilliant work on television shows like Fernwood Tonight and Real People, and in films such as Best in Show and This is Spinal Tap, was apparently swept up in a raid by undercover officers in […]

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Pencil Paparazzi: Rob “Meathead” Reiner at Eve

As I think many of you know, Rob Reiner, the beloved character actor and director, is in Ann Arbor this summer, working on his new film Flipped. And, as Drew Barrymore and Hilary Swank before him, he’s taken to eating at the restaurant Eve. Well, as luck would have it, a few nights ago, he […]

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