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The Monkey Power Trio makes considerable headway despite serious challenges

I forgot to mention it, but The Ballad of Christian Wolfcock, the most recent record by my one-day-a-year pseudo band, the Monkey Power Trio, debuted on the college charts a few weeks ago, which I think might be a first for us. [While we’ve always gotten played quite a bit by the likes of WFMU […]

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An effusive, praise-filled Christmas speech to be delivered to the conservative patriarch or matriarch of your family

Tomorrow, I imagine that many of you will be heading off to have Christmas dinner with your parents, some of whom may be Trump-supporting Fox News viewers. I know it’s unlikely, but, if that should be the case, and, if the conservative patriarch or matriarch of your family, inspired by Trump, should go around the […]

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The beautiful people of Fakebook, and the fantastic products that they promote

An attractive young woman just moved to Ann Arbor, and, like most attractive young women when they arrive in a new town, she started a new Facebook account, posted a few photos of herself jumping around in a thong, and requested that I be her friend. A man more cynical than myself might look at […]

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