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Art, Food, Sex and Trauma: Mark Maynard shoots the shit with the most important artists to ever draw breath on the planet earth… Episode 4: Chris Sandon

Continuing our series of conversations with the world’s most successful artists living within walking distance of my house, today we’re joined by my frequent collaborator and friend, Chris Sandon. MARK: How’d you first learn about sex? CHRIS: Hmm… not really sure I can pinpoint one thing. My guy friends and I had a typical stash […]

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More 2013 Shadow Art Fair highlights

OK, now that a few days have passed, a little more evidence of what transpired at Saturday’s Shadow Art Fair is beginning to surface. And I have three things that I’d like to share with you. The first is audio from Andy Claydon’s Black Metal Bicycle. The second is video of a giant cat that […]

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Shadow Art Fair defenders and detractors mix it up one last time

Like every year at this time, the Shadow Art Fair media juggernaut has begun in earnest. As of today, there are articles in The Ypsi Courier and The Current, as well as on AnnArbor.com. And, this afternoon, WEMU aired an interview that I’d done with local “All Things Considered” host Bob Eccles. (I think it […]

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America’s Got Feces… local artists bring cat poop to network television

A few months ago, our friends Chris Sandon, Natalie Berry and Trevor Stone, who perform together under the name Spontaneous Art, drove out to Chicago to audition for the television show America’s got Talent. Well, on Wednesday night, their episode finally aired. Here’s video of their segment, followed by the transcript of a discussion that […]

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The Shadow is Dead. Long Live the Shadow…. Please join us as we celebrate the last Shadow Art Fair on July 20

I know what I’m about to tell you will make some of you very sad. And I’m truly sorry about that. But, nothing lasts forever…. And the Shadow Art Fair, after our big, upcoming event on July 20, will be no more. Yes, after discussing this eventuality for the past several years, my fellow organizers […]

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