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What COVID-19 metrics should we be following?

I get that it’s important, from a public health perspective, to track the total number of active COVID-19 cases over time. Having a sense as to how many people have been diagnosed at a given point in time, should, in theory, give you a sense as to what you might expect a week or two […]

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Introducing my newly educated friend, Doctor Pete Larson

I wasn’t able to get away from work and attend in person, but my good friend, and former bandmate, Pete Larson, who often leaves comments on this site, was awarded his PhD on Friday afternoon. I am incredibly proud of him. A lot of people that I know bemoan how shitty their lives are, but […]

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Satanism Rocks Churches in Malawi

I don’t know that he’s directly responsible for “rocking” churches and introducing Satanism to the people of Malawi, but I find it interesting that, after my friend Pete had spent a week there, this is the headline that would grace the front page of the nation’s largest paper. Pete, for those of you who don’t […]

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