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Dreamland Tonight: episode one recap

The show went off better than any of us could have predicted on Friday night. We had about 50 people in the audience, and, although I was nervous, I’m proud to report that I was not racked with pant-shitting terror. There wasn’t even that minute or two of uncontrollable shaking that I generally experience whenever […]

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Sitting alone at the Ugly Mug, polishing my bon mots

The show’s about 24 hours away now, and we’re all busy tying down loose ends. I shot this short video last night before we rehearsed. I’m not sure why it’s so shaky at the beginning. I don’t remember being terrified, or jittery. Maybe the new Flip camera has a Parkinson’s setting that I’m not aware […]

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What does Jimmy Fallon have against the leaders of Ypsilanti?

Word on the street is that producers of NBC’s hour-long suckfest known as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon have been calling around Ypsi today in hopes of laying their hands on photographs of City Manager Ed Koryzno, City Council member Bill Nickles, and Augusta Township Supervisor Pete Hafler. According to what I’m told, when asked, […]

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Festifools 2009

Linette, Clementine and I braved the freezing drizzle on Sunday to see Ann Arbor’s annual Festifools parade. The event, as always, was wonderfully surreal. Sadly, this year there was no giant, pooping cat. There was, however, something equally as bizarre – the Mayor of Ann Arbor, John Hieftje, running along the edges of the parade, […]

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Dreamland needs your help

Our friends at the Dreamland Theater need some help… It seems someone came along in the middle of the night not too long ago and smashed their two front doors. Together, the doors cost almost $1,000 to replace. Fortunately, their insurance covered quite a bit of it, but there’s still a big chunk left to […]

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