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The New York Times covers the Beezy’s ZipCap campaign… and I make it into the paper of record on the chest of Bee Roll

In tomorrow’s New York Times, you’ll find a story about my friend Bee “Ypsilantian of the Year” Roll and the work she’s done through the California-based company ZipCap to raise working capital for her restaurant, Beezy’s, by essentially demonstrating to lenders that, while she doesn’t have a lot in the way of hard assets, she […]

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Benicio del Toro’s upcoming film “A.K.A. Jimmy Picard” to feature the puppetry work of Ypsilanti’s super-talented Dreamland Theater crew

One day earlier this winter, as I was making my way around town, pushing my sleeping son in his stroller, I decided to turn down Washington Street and see if I could find Naia Venturi, the owner of Ypsilanti’s Dreamland Theater. Fortunately, she heard me knocking on the door, and came out from behind the […]

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Great flaming mascots…. Is that Jambo Man being immolated?

At the risk of rekindling the great Ypsilanti Hostage Crisis hysteria of 2010, can someone explain this footage that was just sent to me? It appears to show the beloved local mascot of the Michigan Roots Jamboree being cooked alive. As the footage is undated, I’m not sure if it was shot recently. And I’m […]

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Sharpen your pencils…. Five Year Engagement to shoot in Ypsi

Remember how, a few weeks ago, we had a pencil paparazzi sighting of Jason Segel and a bunch of other marginally famous folks having drinks in Ann Arbor? Well, it looks like some of them may be headed to Ypsilanti next week to continue work on the film that brought them to MIchigan. (It’s called […]

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Behind the scenes of Dreamland Tonight

I spent the morning with the Dreamland Tonight crew, filming a fight scene between professional wrestler Bash Boulder and Puppet Mark in Ypsilanti’s now-flooded Riverside Park. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think the finished product, which involves bloody entrails, is going to be pretty incredible. The idea, as of right […]

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