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The Ypsilanti Garbage Report… Chapter Two: The DDA Responds

Last night, I vented online about the trash situation in downtown Ypsi, and, quite rightly, I was called out for it by Downtown Development Authority Treasurer Adam Gainsley, who asked in a comment why I hadn’t reached out to anyone at the DDA for their side of the story. Following, with his consent, is our […]

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Water Street Redevelopment Project Updates and Discussion

There’s a meeting coming up next week to discuss the “future expectations” of Ypsilanti’s infamous Water Street development. I’m tempted to make a smart-assed remark, but, truth is, there isn’t much the City can do at this point. No one in their right mind is going to invest in new construction in Michigan right now. […]

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Depot Town CDC director defends stewardship of Ypsilanti parks

A few days ago, I raised a question here about whether or not Ypsi City Council was right to have stripped stewardship of Frog Island and Riverside parks from the Depot Town CDC. As I pointed out at the time, I think there may well have been legitimate criticism of the CDC and they way […]

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Urban chickens, local trains, and young people on the DDA

I skipped last night’s Ypsi City Council meeting. I should have gone, but other things got in the way. From what I hear, it was dominated by talk of urban chickens, with significant numbers of both proponents and opponents coming out to let their opinions be known. In the end, it looks like the pro-chicken […]

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Was Ypsi City Council right to take the parks away from the DTCDC?

A reader of this site calling himself Andy Ypsilanti recently left the following letter to the Mayor and City Council in the comments section and I thought that I’d move it up here, as we’ve yet to really discuss whether or not the recent move by City Council to strip control of Riverside and Frog […]

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