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Hey, wait, that’s not fair…. Republicans in the State Senate get almost twice the resources of their Democratic colleagues to serve their constituents

I learned something interesting today from Jeff Irwin, the man that we just elected to represent our district in the Michigan Senate. According to Irwin, who was in Lansing today for orientation, along with all of the other newly-elected State Senators, because he’s in the minority party, he only has $129,700 with which to hire […]

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Senate Bill 652, which will likely be signed into law Friday, ensures that handpicked Republican judges will hear cases brought against the State by the citizens of Michigan

Remember how, last winter, Michigan Republicans, flush with corporate money and well armed with legislation drafted in far right think tanks, set out to kill unions, and systematically roll back women’s rights, gay rights, and public education? Well, it would appear that they weren’t quite done… Unsatisfied with having just control over the House, Senate […]

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Calling what happened during Michigan’s lame duck session “very, very bad,” former State Senator Joe Schwartz blames term limits and the unprecedented influence of corporate money

As we recently discussed, Michigan Radio, as part of their Issues & Ale series, hosted a panel discussion in Ypsilanti late last week on the subject of Michigan’s newly passed right-to-work legislation. The panel, which included former Republican State Senator Joe Schwartz, Kristin Dziczek, the Director of the Labor & Industry Group at the Center […]

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Non-partisan elections and the Ypsi City Charter

Ypsilanti, as most of you probably know, has partisan City Council elections, which means that, in the primaries, Democrats run against Democrats, and Republicans run against Republicans. Well, come Election Day, Ypsilantians will be voting to amend the City Charter, and change that. The following analysis comes from our friend Richard Murphy, the former City […]

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Anonymous Lansing insider speaks out on the disappointment of Snyder

A few days ago, I received the following note from an individual who identified himself as working ‘inside the belly of the beast,’ in Lansing. I followed up with the questions below, and, given his responses, and a few other things that he mentioned, I have no reason to believe that he’s lying about his […]

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