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Senate Bill 652, which will likely be signed into law Friday, ensures that handpicked Republican judges will hear cases brought against the State by the citizens of Michigan

Remember how, last winter, Michigan Republicans, flush with corporate money and well armed with legislation drafted in far right think tanks, set out to kill unions, and systematically roll back women’s rights, gay rights, and public education? Well, it would appear that they weren’t quite done… Unsatisfied with having just control over the House, Senate […]

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Deficit Supper Committee fails due to Republican refusal to roll back Bush tax beaks

I went to the gym after work this evening and watched coverage of today’s admission of failure by the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. I found myself getting incredibly pissed off, to the point of inadvertently blurting out “asshole” a couple of times, and flipping up my middle finger at the television set in […]

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