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Celebrating May Day in Ypsilanti with warnings of vampires, and camaraderie on Water Street

I’m not quite sure how he pulled it off, but my friend Jeff, by calling in a few favors, and doing a bit of bartering, has been able to publish a new Ypsi-themed work by famed historian Peter Linebaugh. The 75-page pamphlet, entitled “Ypsilanti Vampire May Day,” is the first thing to be published on […]

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Planting the rainbow flag, and occupying the Water Street commons

I’d wanted to share this image, taken a few days ago at the Occupy Water Street event, but I lacked the words to accompany it. Fortunately, however, I just stumbled across the following quote by Phil Rockstroh, which I think we do quite nicely. …When one attempts to stand against surging social and political tides, […]

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Chris Hedges seeks to challenge legality of NDAA in court

As it’s late, and as I’m exhausted, there’s not going to be a lot in the way of thoughtful analysis, but I wanted to let you all know that one of our favorite people, Chris Hedges, has filed suit against the Obama administration on the grounds that the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act is […]

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