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Having failed miserably as Attorney General, Schuette sets his sights on the Governor’s office

Last winter, as you may recall, Donald Trump didn’t have a lot of friends inside the Michigan GOP. Governor Snyder, in a rare show of moral courage, refused to endorse the real estate developer turned reality television celebrity, and Lieutenant Governor Calley, who had endorsed him earlier in the campaign, withdrew his endorsement, once the […]

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I’ve got a cold and my sincerity meter is off. Can one of you please watch this video of Brian Calley talking about Flint for me and tell me what you think?

Apparently this video of Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley talking about how awesome Flint is going to be now that the administration has finally agreed to do something about the deadly health care disaster they helped to create, came out a few days ago. My first inclination, as I’m watching it here in my sickbed, […]

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Should I sign the Snyder recall petition? What are you planning to do?

In the wake of evidence surfacing that proves the Snyder administration knew of a connection between Flint’s water and a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease a full ten months before they took action, and Snyder’s subsequent refusal to testify before a Congressional committee as to what happened in Flint, it’s not surprising that even the […]

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Ann Arbor’s Camp Take Notice getting the attention in Europe than it deserves the U.S.

I just received a note from a U.S. expatriate living in France, asking me to confirm whether or not what he’d heard today on the BBC about a homeless encampment on the outskirts of Ann Arbor was indeed true… Sadly, I had to tell him that Camp Take Notice was in fact real. Here’s a […]

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So, what exactly happens if the people of Michigan vote to recall our Governor?

This weekend, I posted something here on the site about the ongoing effort to recall Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. In the ensuing conversation, someone asked what exactly would happen, assuming everything went as planned, 800,000 signatures were collected, and then a majority of Michigan voters agreed to recall the Governor when the question was put […]

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