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Donald Trump’s hijacking of the 4th of July: Armored Vehicle Edition

We’ve known for quite a while that Donald Trump has wanted to preside over a public display of what he perceives to be “his” military force. He’s said as much publicly. In the past, though, there have always been people, like Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who have stood in the way, and kept him […]

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Failing to get his military parade, Trump decides to co-opt the Fourth of July

Every Fourth of July for the past 38 years, PBS, with the help of partners like Boeing, the National Park Service, and American Airlines, has hosted an enormous public event in Washington, DC called A Capital Fourth, which begins with the National Symphony Orchestra playing on the West Lawn of the Capitol, and ends with […]

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Largest trade imbalance in nine years, biggest stock market drop in a decade, government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion… Is this the “tidal wave” of good economic news Trump was talking about?

As I took last night off, there’s a lot that we could talk about today. We could talk about he fact that our president, standing before a terrifyingly representative sample of what’s left of his base announced that those who refuse to applaud him are “un-American” and likely “treasonous”. Or we could talk about the […]

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