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Donald Trump appears to have contracted COVID-19

Donald Trump, the man who sentenced well over 200,000 Americans to death when he purposefully downplayed the severity of COVID-19 and refused to take coordinated action, appears to have now contracted the disease himself. Having read more than my fair share of Shakespeare, I’d always thought that this incredibly surreal chapter in American history would […]

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Buy your own Donald Trump death mask

Today, in a clear violation of campaign finance law, Brad Parscale, the director of Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, tweeted from inside the White House that Trump-branded COVID-19 face masks were soon to be available for purchase. I had other things that I wanted to write about tonight, but it seemed worth noting that the […]

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Democrats “weaponize fear” says far right troll who once warned of immigrants bringing infectious diseases into our country

I don’t have any time right now, as I’m in the middle of something, but I wanted to share this video of Fox News personality Laura Ingraham, a woman who once warned that our nation was under attack by diseased immigrant hoards, accusing Democrats of “weaponizing fear” by sharing actual facts concerning a real public […]

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In an ironic twist, House Republicans, who, up until a few weeks ago, wanted to see the EPA dismantled, argued this morning that what happened in Flint was due to the agency not being aggressive enough

Several people testified before the House Oversight Committee today about the poisoning of Flint’s citizens, including Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards and Flint resident Lee Anne Walters. While most of the local coverage, I suspect, will focus on Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s forceful promise early in the proceedings to have the U.S. Marshals “hunt down” former […]

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Republicans use most recent JPMorgan scandal to demonstrate folly of regulation, instead of criminal corporate behavior

There’s a great piece in the Washington Post today about Republicans in the Senate, and how they seem determined to focus their wrath not on the individuals at JPMorgan who were recently caught engaging in risky, irresponsible stock trades, but on those federal regulators who didn’t somehow foresee these actions and stop them from happening. […]

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