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Ann Curry forced by Matt Lauer to interact with crazy people cradling what appear to be dead babies

Generally speaking, I’d rather watch the elderly practice ballroom dancing at the gym than turn my attention to the overhead television, which is invariably tuned to the Today Show. I made an exception this morning, though, as the happy gang of falsely-laughing, purveyors of faux-news were “reporting” on their network’s most recent stunt-casting coup. (Apparently, […]

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A post about Charlie Sheen self-destructing because I need a break from politics

Word on the street is that it only took 20 minutes for Charlie Sheen to lose his television show after the following interview with his friend Alex Jones went live. Apparently you can beat the shit out of all the prostitutes you want after snorting down bowling ball-sized rocks of cocaine, but when you call […]

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Plug the hole with Rush!

Locked in heated battle with Sarah Palin for leadership of the delusional Tea Party wing of the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh went for broke today, suggesting not only that the recent BP oil spill was the work of a radical environmentalist, but also that the ocean would somehow remediate the environmental disaster itself. Here, if […]

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Clarence Thomas’s wife admits to being absolutely insane

As you know, our country is sick. Many of our friends and neighbors have succumbed to a peculiar form of mental illness known as teabaggery? It’s been traveling, like a virus, through the population for about a year now, and, I’m sad to report, it’s finally reached the U.S. Supreme Court. According to reports in […]

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What Republicans really think

The folks at the Daily Kos just commissioned a poll of 2,000 self-identifying Republicans by independent polling firm Research 2000. I think you’ll find the results enlightening. Here’s a sample: • Over a third of Republicans believe the birth control pill is abortion (which explains why nearly a third of them want contraceptive use outlawed). […]

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