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Totally Quotable Arlo: “I wish I was a baby again” edition

Today’s addition to the Totally Quotable Arlo file is a bit out of character for our young protagonist. He said it this morning, just a few minutes after waking up. Clementine, who was heading off to her survivalist summer camp, had said something to him, and he kind of curled up under the blanket as […]

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Do cock-blocking babies have an evolutionary advantage?

According to the research of Harvard’s David Haig, it’s conceivable that babies evolved to cry at night not necessarily because they need to be fed, but because, by doing so, they could well delay the arrival of siblings who would invariably compete for scarce resources. In an attempt to explain why babies, especially those that […]

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The biggest flaw with Breaking Bad: Holly White

As it’s very nearly impossible to become my “friend” on Facebook since I went into paranoid lock-down mode, I occasionally like to share my posts here, so you can experience the same intense, full-body, orgasm-like joy that my old high school classmates, parents of my daughter’s friends, and my pseudonym-ensconced stalkers feel when I issue […]

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“Let them eat tits”

[above: Nursing Moms Tent at Ypsi’s 2013 Heritage Fest] I know my friends who worked their asses off in order to make last weekend’s Heritage Festival the incredible success that it was are likely to take what I’m about to say personally, and I apologize in advance if that’s the case. I don’t mean it […]

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Ann Curry forced by Matt Lauer to interact with crazy people cradling what appear to be dead babies

Generally speaking, I’d rather watch the elderly practice ballroom dancing at the gym than turn my attention to the overhead television, which is invariably tuned to the Today Show. I made an exception this morning, though, as the happy gang of falsely-laughing, purveyors of faux-news were “reporting” on their network’s most recent stunt-casting coup. (Apparently, […]

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