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Sniffing his own hand in North Carolina, Obama says he doesn’t smell sulphur, laying to rest once and for all the rumor that he is a demon

When I heard that Obama, during a speaking engagement in Greensboro, North Carolina yesterday, went out of his way to ensure the crowd that he wasn’t a demon, as someone in the right wing press had apparently just suggested, I felt compelled to know the backstory… Well, it turns out that it was America’s leading […]

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“The Best 10 Ways to Keep Your Older White Relatives from the Polls Come November 8”

I know it’s kind of anti-democratic, but I’ve started work on a new project that I think has a lot of potential. I’m putting together a list of “The Best 10 Ways to Keep Your Older White Relatives from the Polls Come November 8.” I know I can do better, but here’s what I’ve come […]

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Better luck next time, you nasty, old, business-killing Obama!

Try as he might, it would appear that our evil, freedom-hating President, Barack Hussein Obama, has failed miserably in his attempt to crush the small business owners of America… Much to his chagrin, in fact, it would seem that some, like Ypsilanti’s Rene Greff, the owner of our beloved Corner Brewer, even thinks that Obamacare […]

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Courageous, patriotic celebrities speak out on the evil of our America-hating President

In defense of Clint Eastwood, he’s not the most out-of-touch celebrity on the right by a long shot.

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Breitbart assassinated… “what else could it be?”

Within minutes of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death, conservative activist Andrew Breitbart took to Twitter, calling the distinguished public servant a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick”. Now, in the wake of the glorified blogger’s unexpected passing, however, we’re being asked to remember Breitbart, the man best known for destroying ACORN, a grass-roots organization that offered aid […]

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