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Looking beyond the gas tax for a solution to our crumbling infrastructure

I don’t have time to add much in the way of background or insight, but I really wanted to pass along this article in today’s Washington Post on our failing transportation infrastructure and how we might be able to finance the improvements that are necessary. Here’s a clip: …U.S. investment in preservation and development of […]

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Raising the top marginal tax rate

When I sat down here tonight, in my tattered blogging leotard, my intention was to write something on the apparent effectiveness of Obama’s stimulus spending, and the possibility that his recently proposed budget would “shift $112 billion away from the nation’s top earners in 2012.” But, while trying to find a way to connect those […]

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Pushing a gas tax, declaring Detroit “dead,” and assigning blame to John Dingell

I don’t typically quote a lot of Thomas Friedman here, but he’s got a column it today’s New York Times on one of my favorite subjects – the gas tax… I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but we desperately need a coordinated campaign for a gas tax in this country… […]

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The future of bus service in Ypsilanti

On Tuesday, as a cost savings measure, our City Council voted 5-1 to cut AATA route #5, and to reduce service hours on Routes #10 and #11. After trying unsuccessfully for two days to write something meaningful on the subject myself, I decided to outsource the job to someone with a much greater understanding of […]

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