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The Republican campaign to kill the EPA comes to Ann Arbor

On Monday at 2:45 PM, there will be a rally outside the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) at 2565 Plymouth Road, in Ann Arbor. The event, as I understand it, is in response to the Trump administration’s threat to cut a whopping 31% of the EPA’s budget. At the Ann […]

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Looking beyond the gas tax for a solution to our crumbling infrastructure

I don’t have time to add much in the way of background or insight, but I really wanted to pass along this article in today’s Washington Post on our failing transportation infrastructure and how we might be able to finance the improvements that are necessary. Here’s a clip: …U.S. investment in preservation and development of […]

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A federal push for transit-oriented development

Incredibly, it looks as though there are some folks in DC who want to incentivize development that encourages density (as well as energy efficiency) in the vicinity of transit stations. Here’s a clip from the DC Streets Blog: New construction projects that are within a half-mile of transit stations and exceeding national energy-efficiency standards would […]

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Shai Agassi on his Better Place project

I’ve mentioned Shai Agassi here on the site before, but I just stumbled across this video of him presenting his Better Place concept at the recent TED conference, and I thought that you might find it of interest… I don’t know that his idea will ultimately be the one to actually make it, but I […]

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