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High-speed bus system to link Ann Arbor and Detroit, as precursor to passenger rail

According to an article posted to the Detroit Free Press site this evening, Governor Snyder will announce plans tomorrow to roll out a high-speed bus network which, among other things, will connect Ann Arbor and downtown Detroit. Although it’s not mentioned explicitly in the article, the bus line, which appears to be following the proposed […]

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Ypsi’s Charter Amendment for Public Transit

The following post, on the subject of our City’s proposed transit millage, comes from our friend Richard Murphy, Ypsilanti’s former city planner. Just one short week from now, Ypsi voters will have their chance to vote on the City’s Charter Amendment for Public Transit, providing secure and dedicated funding for transit service in the City. […]

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Is there cause to reconsider the Ypsilanti City Charter?

In addition to having the Keep Ypsi Rollin’ transit millage on the ballot next week, local folks will have an opportunity to weigh in on whether or not now would be a good time to convene a Charter Commission to revise the City Charter. Following is the language of the ballot initiative. CITY OF YPSILANTI […]

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It looks like the busses in Ypsi may keep rolling

Remember how, a few days ago, I mentioned that Ypsilanti’s City Council had, as a cost savings measure, voted to trim local bus service? Well, it looks now as though the AATA might be willing to cover our shortfall, so that service can continue at present levels for the near future… Or at least that’s […]

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The future of bus service in Ypsilanti

On Tuesday, as a cost savings measure, our City Council voted 5-1 to cut AATA route #5, and to reduce service hours on Routes #10 and #11. After trying unsuccessfully for two days to write something meaningful on the subject myself, I decided to outsource the job to someone with a much greater understanding of […]

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