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Speaking truth to power, and booing Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan made headlines a week or so ago with his budget proposal. People in the press, as I recall, seemed impressed. They used words like, “bold” and “serious,” and praised him for making difficult decisions in order to address the nation’s spiraling budget deficit. Once people really started digging into it, though, […]

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Plutocracy in America

The Nation just ran a good piece on American Plutocracy. Plutocracy, for those of you who don’t know, is a political system in which those with wealth rule. Under such a system, opportunities for social mobility are limited, and there’s an enormous disparity between those with money (and power) and those without it. Of particular […]

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Raising the top marginal tax rate

When I sat down here tonight, in my tattered blogging leotard, my intention was to write something on the apparent effectiveness of Obama’s stimulus spending, and the possibility that his recently proposed budget would “shift $112 billion away from the nation’s top earners in 2012.” But, while trying to find a way to connect those […]

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