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Having learning nothing from the Gulf disaster, BP allows crude oil to pour into Lake Michigan

It looks like our friends at BP are up to their old tricks again. This time, though, the oil being spilled isn’t in the Gulf of Mexico, where the company’s cost-cutting measures in 2010 led to the largest oil spill in recorded history, but in Lake Michigan, the largest repository of fresh water on the […]

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Deepwater Horizon

Esquire has a fascinating piece on the 11 men who lost their lives on the Deepwater Horizon rig, and the circumstances leading up to the catastrophe. If you have time, you should read it. This is especially true if you live in Kentucky, and you’re planning to vote for Rand Paul, who has stated on […]

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Double standards

Courtland Milloy posed an interesting question in today’s Washington Post… What would the response of government and citizenry have been if the armed militia movement we’re seeing spread across America had been almost exclusively black, instead of white? Here’s a clip: Imagine that the inauguration of President George W. Bush had sparked an explosive rise […]

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Paying the environmental price for the fuck-ups of other states

The people of Florida have been standing up to oil industry pressure for decades. While their neighboring coastal states have approved off-shore drilling, in hopes creating jobs, and filling their coffers, the people of Florida have stood strong, opting to forgo immediate financial gratification, and instead safeguard their shoreline and wetlands for future generations. Of […]

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Turtles want their lives back too, you self-obsessed asshole

The quote, for those of you who don’t recognize it, is from Tony Hayward, the President of BP, who, I believe, said it in complete seriousness, as though he felt that people should feel sorry for his plight. With all the focus on dead dolphins and sea turtles, like the one pictured above, I think […]

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