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The battle over plastic bags in Michigan is about more than just plastic bags. It’s about keeping progressive municipalities from exploring solutions to the problems that we’re facing. It’s about squashing both innovation and local democratic rule.

A few days ago, Michigan Republicans made national headlines for passing a ban on the banning of plastic bags… And, yes, you read that right. They didn’t pass a law banning plastic bags, but they passed a law making it illegal for local jurisdictions to ban the use of such bags, which are increasingly clogging […]

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Escape to Beaver Island

I’m sorry for running off and leaving you these past few days, but I needed a break. Clementine and I, desperate for a little father-daughter time away from the hassle of everyday life, headed north to Beaver Island, where we crashed with some old friends. And, for the first time in over a decade, I […]

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The Trading Tortoise to stop at the Corner Brewery tomorrow

I know it’s short notice, but it seems that Ypsi has earned a spot on the national tour of the Trading Tortoise, thanks to the fact that our friend Jason Wright lives here. (More on that below.) As of right now, it looks as though the Tortoise will be open for business tomorrow, between 3:00 […]

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Turtles want their lives back too, you self-obsessed asshole

The quote, for those of you who don’t recognize it, is from Tony Hayward, the President of BP, who, I believe, said it in complete seriousness, as though he felt that people should feel sorry for his plight. With all the focus on dead dolphins and sea turtles, like the one pictured above, I think […]

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“Worms in space serve no purpose”

The title of this piece comes from an article on the launching of an Iranian rocket yesterday. It’s a direct quote from a scientist, who had been asked to comment on the fact that they sent earthworms and turtles into space. Anyway, I was thinking about it just now, as I was watching South African […]

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