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Every cop with a gun should also be outfitted with a video camera

Earlier this week, after an inquest jury essentially vindicated London police officers in the 2011 killing of 29 year old Mark Duggan, authorities announced that, henceforth, some number of London’s 2,300 firearms-carrying officers would begin wearing vest-mounted video cameras. And, as much as I consider myself a privacy advocate, and despise our ever expanding surveillance […]

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Welcome to Blandsilanti

Last night, the Ypsi City Council met to, among other things, determine a course of action relative to the proposed Ypsitucky bluegrass festival. As I’m sure most of you know, there’s been a little bit of a hubbub over the name, which was proposed by the Depot Town CDC. Some think, given that the word […]

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The other side of the Ypsitucky debate

I told you a few days ago why I felt it was fine to use the suffix “tucky” to promote a Bluegrass music festival here in Ypsilanti this summer. Now, in the spirit of open mindedness, I give you the other side of the debate. The following letter comes from my fellow Ypsi 2020 Task […]

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“Oh, my God, did he say Ypsitucky?”

When I first moved back to Ypsi, Linette and I made some shirts that said “Buy Indie in Ypsi.” We thought that we were doing a good thing – encouraging people to support the locally owned, independent stores in their community – but some folks didn’t see it that way. We received complaints from a […]

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