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It’s not as catchy of a slogan, but “Let’s Incentivize Communities to Start Creatively Shrinking Police Forces, Collecting Data on What Works and What Doesn’t, and Go from There”

While I’ve always been against the militarization of U.S. police forces, and in favor of more transparency, accountability and civilian oversight, I have to confess that I’ve never taken calls to “defund the police” very seriously. When, in the past, I’ve heard people say that we should abolish the police, I’ve thought that they were […]

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AnnArbor.com draws much-needed attention to Ypsilanti change-stealing home invasion epidemic

If anyone is interested, I’m thinking about driving into Ann Arbor tonight, and stealing a mason jar full of pennies from someone’s home… It’s not so much that I need the money. I’m just curious to see how, if at all, AnnArbor.com would cover it. Here’s how they covered the theft of a jar full […]

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