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Getting to the bottom of the EMU “redface” incident, talking Detroit rock with photographer Doug Coombe, and the music of J.T. Garlfield… on this weekend’s edition of the Saturday Six Pack

For some inexplicable reason, Brian Robb, the station manager at AM 1700, has been telling people that I plan to just lock the studio doors, unplug the phones, and play with my new puppy for the duration of this Saturday’s show, oblivious to my responsibilities as a host. He took to Facebook this morning warning […]

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Back in Black…. the apparent resurgence of blackface

I wasn’t going to comment on the University of Michigan frat thing that’s been all over the news these past few days, as I don’t think I have anything terribly insightful to contribute toward our collective understanding of “ratchet pussy,” but I did have a somewhat related question that I wanted to pose to all […]

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Funny or Die weighs in on Hoekstra’s race-baiting ad

Pete, I think the distinction may be lost on you, but, for the record, this means that the people of America are laughing at you, and not with you. Maybe next time you run for office, you should go with a political consultant who isn’t best known for having advised Christine O’Donnell to release an […]

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The other side of the Ypsitucky debate

I told you a few days ago why I felt it was fine to use the suffix “tucky” to promote a Bluegrass music festival here in Ypsilanti this summer. Now, in the spirit of open mindedness, I give you the other side of the debate. The following letter comes from my fellow Ypsi 2020 Task […]

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