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Remember to move your money to a credit union on Saturday

I hesitate to give people financial advice, as I don’t want to come across like Glenn Beck when he asks his followers to consult with God and then invest everything they own in over-priced gold coins, but, as this Saturday is Move Your Money to a Credit Union Day, I thought that I should at […]

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Elizabeth Warren for U.S. Senate

As I mentioned a few days ago, Obama, giving in once again to Republican pressure, has decided with withdraw his support of Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren to be head of the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The good news is, that may not be the last we see of her, though. There is currently […]

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Standing up to the Republicans and winning

Obama, historically, hasn’t been one to stand up to the Republican party. Among other things, he didn’t push for single-payer health when he had an opportunity to do so, and, in my opinion, he didn’t go far enough in regulating the financial institutions that brought our nation to the brink of collapse. Despite the encouragement […]

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Things aren’t looking good for Elizabeth Warren… now’s the time to act

According to the folks at Talking Points Memo, it doesn’t look likely that Elizabeth Warren with get the nomination to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency that she’s been championing so aggressively this past year. Here’s a clip from the article: Progressive pressure on President Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head a soon-to-be-created […]

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Levin says Goldman Sachs pushed “shitty” products on the American people

I know to some extent it’s political theater – grandstanding done for the benefit of disgusted Democrats like myself – and I realize that it would have meant exponentially more had it come prior to our recent banking meltdown, as opposed to after it, but something in me really liked hearing my Senator, Carl Levin, […]

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